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Servicing your BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo or Land Rover does not have to cost a fortune anymore. The same quality of service provided by dealerships is available at MBV European Ltd. As an independent shop with generations of experience, our team of factory-trained technicians are skilled in the proper repair and service procedures for each vehicle. This service also comes at a fraction of what you would pay at a dealership. Being a locally owned and operated business, our staff of professionals conducts its business with integrity and honesty. We will show you exactly what needs to be done on your vehicle while also quoting you an affordable rate before any work begins. Owning a foreign-made car does not mean top-quality service and repair has to come with a hefty price tag.

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BMW Service Tips

There is a great deal of pride that comes with owning and driving a BMW. There is also a good deal of responsibility in maintaining your BMW. Here is a look at some helpful insight shared by MBV European Ltd that will ensure your BMW keeps on running smoothly.


Fuel Pump

BMW owners who have exceeded the 100K mile mark should consider replacing their fuel pump along with the filter before it fails. There are a high number of incidents of fuel pumps…

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Is It Worth It To Repair Or Replace My Mercedes Benz?

When you have owned a Mercedes Benz for a number of years, repair costs could begin to mount. That could present owners with the choice of whether to keep on paying for Mercedes repair Charlotte or buying a new Mercedes Benz. Here is a look at the benefits of each option.

Benefits of Repair:

No new car payment – Buying a new car comes with a monthly payment that is probably going to be a lot more than what you are accustomed to spending per month on your older Mercedes Benz. There is also the down payment…

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Common Causes That Activate a Volvo’s Check Engine Light

car-973753_1920When the ‘Check Engine’ light comes on in your Volvo, it could be for a variety of reasons. Most times, it is the same problems which lead to this warning sign and it’s not always a reason to worry. Here’s a look at the most common causes for the ‘Check Engine’ light to illuminate in your Volvo.

Fuel Cap

Believe it or not, a fuel cap that is not fastened tightly has the capability for setting…

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Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover & BMW Service in Charlotte NC

The 100k Mile Service Stop For Volvos

It is very common for drivers to steer their Volvos past the 100k-mile mark. Most Volvos last well beyond 100k miles, although that is a good time to visit your local service shop. Volvo has proven to produce very reliable and durable vehicles, although there are still parts that are prone to breaking down around the 100k-mile mark according to the experts at MBV European Ltd in Charlotte North Carolina.

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How to Find the Right Foreign Car Repair Shop

Owning a foreign car comes with the task of finding an auto repair shop that will accommodate your specific vehicle. The need for the right kind of repair is also essential to maintaining performance. Here are some useful tips on how to find the right foreign car repair shop for your vehicle.


Specialized Service

There are shops that specialize in repairing certain kinds of foreign cars. Just because you have a foreign car, it does not mean every foreign car repair shop will be able to provide you with service. Make sure the shop you choose specializes in your specific type of car. For example, if you have a BMW, don’t just assume any foreign car repair shop will suffice. Make sure the shop you choose specializes in BMW service in Charlotte North Carolina.

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